Jun 10, 2023

11 best natural looking false eyelashes of 2023

For some, false lashes are as much of an everyday thing as, say, sunscreen or mascara. But for others, they’re as foreign as can be. Don't be intimidated — the best fake lashes offer a quick, easy and painless way to amplify your look in seconds, no mascara or liquid eyeliner necessary. But with so many types of false lashes on the market — there's dramatic or subtle, individual or strip, magnetic or glue-on — it's hard to find the best lashes for you.

"The perfect pair of false lashes is based on preference," says makeup artist Jenn Macdonald, who works with cult-favorite drugstore brand NYX. "Typically, you want a pair that's lightweight, which will make them comfortable to wear for an extended period. False lashes that have an invisible band are often preferred as they are easier to blend into your own natural lashes without having to cover the band with eyeliner and/or eye shadow."

Here's how to find the best false eyelashes for you, plus how to apply them and take them off.

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First things first: Examine your eye and face shape when choosing false lashes. Makeup artist Amanda Wilson suggests that anyone with smaller eyes should stay away from heavy or dense lashes. "You never want to look like the lash is wearing you."

Macdonald agrees, explaining that she chooses a faux lash style based on the effect she wants: "For example, if you want the eyes to appear more open, I look for a pair of lashes that have the most length in the center of the lashes and taper shorter on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. If you want to elongate the eyes, look for a pair of lashes that flare and extend in length towards the outer corner of the eye."

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The difference between individual lashes and lash strips is crucial too: While many wearers have a preference of one over the other, most experts agree that each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

"Individual lashes are great for a precise and seamless application," says makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who works with celebs like Kaley Cuoco and Erin Andrews. "Strip lashes are sometimes easier to see and come off all at once, whereas individual lashes stay hidden much better and if you lose one cluster, it's no biggie. Personal preference is also a big part of it!"

There's no one-size-fits-all method, but our guide on how to apply false eyelashes is a great place to start. Plus, a pro tip to keep in mind is to cut the lash strips to best fit your eye shape.

"The first tip to matching your false lashes to any eye shape is to measure and cut the lashes to fit your eye," says Macdonald." If a lash is too long on the outer corner, it can make the eye appear more downturned versus giving a lifting effect."

For a more natural look, she recommends applying the lash sections first from the center of the eye and working out from there, "It helps hide the lash, making it more natural," she says.

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Experts agree that the best way to remove lashes is pretty universal: Grab a cotton swab and wet it substantially with an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser, which will break down the adhesive. Leave it on for about three or four minutes, gently pressing on your lashes to help dissolve the glue. They should come off pretty easily, but if you need an extra hand, resist the urge to grab the tweezers or to start rubbing, which will only cause irritation.

If you’re still having trouble, Wilson recommends waiting until the next day to try again. Not only will the glue have additional time to wear off, but you’ll have an extra hand from your skin's natural oils that break down the adhesive.