May 20, 2023

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last For?

Eyelashes are essential to any makeup routine. As Kinks Hair & Beauty explains, this is because they create contrast, making your eyes appear larger and brighter. From traditional false lashes and magnetic lashes to mascara, there are quite a few ways to accentuate and create that perfect flutter. Except for those of us on the sparse side of lash life, mascara tries but can't do much. False lashes aren't much better, as their adhesives can be tricky to work with. This is where lash extensions come in, the sweet spot for anyone who wants to wear fuller, longer eyelashes for an extended period.

According to All About Vision, lash extensions are semi-permanent silk, faux mink, mink, or synthetic lashes that are carefully placed at the base of or directly on your natural lashes. The extensions are attached using long-wearing lash glue, creating a fuller, longer effect on the natural lashes.

Our favorite thing about lash extensions is how they are used to make a variety of looks, ranging from wispy and long to voluminous 4D lashes. Paula's Choice confirms that anywhere from 60 to 140 lash extensions can create different looks on each eye. Now that you know what lash extensions are, here's another important thing you need to know: how long they last.

For most people, a freshly done set of lash extensions can last between two and four weeks, per Her Lash Community. However, this time frame can get longer or shorter depending on how you care for your lashes, the type of lash glue your lash tech uses, and a little something called the hair growth cycle.

Like the rest of your body's hair, natural eyelashes go through a growth cycle. This cycle consists of three phases: anagen, or the growing phase; catagen, the transitional phase; and telogen, the resting phase (per NY Hair Loss). As lash extensions are applied directly on your natural lashes, the rate at which your natural lashes grow and shed also affects how long the extensions last. Also, where one natural lash could be in the resting phase, another could be actively growing. Unfortunately, this means that not all the lash extensions will shed simultaneously, leaving gaps between them. Hence the need for what lash techs call refills. According to Divine Lashes, you'll need to go back to your lash tech for a refill every two to four weeks if you want to maintain a full lash set with no gaps. Your tech will attach new extensions to the individual lashes lacking them; voila, your set is as good as new.

While you can't control your hair growth cycle, you can care for your lash extensions well enough to help them last longer. Here's how to do that.

Your lashes are done, and you're ready to show them to the world. Except you still need aftercare. Aftercare is essential, as it keeps your newly done lashes clean, helps them last longer, and ensures your natural lashes grow healthy. For the first 48 hours after getting your lashes done, BL Lashes says to avoid getting them in contact with moisture, as it loosens the hold of the lash glue. This means no saunas, swimming, hot tubs, sweat-inducing exercises, and face washes with hot water, at least for the first 48 hours.

Another aftercare tip is to avoid sleeping on your stomach. BeautyGARDE explains that sleeping on your stomach with lash extensions can lead to breakage of the extensions, crumpling, or even lint from your bedding getting on them. Instead, it's much better to sleep on your back or sides. Next, avoid eye makeup and oil-based beauty products like cleansers or creams around your eyes. We know this can be a bummer, especially if you're just as much of a fan of mascara and cleansing balms as we are, but as Posh Look explains, oil-based products can break down the lash glue, reducing the lifespan of your extensions.

An extra tip? Use a clean spoolie brush to gently detangle your lashes every morning. According to Lash Lovers, using a spoolie brush rather than your fingers will better preserve the extensions.