May 16, 2023

9 Best Magnetic Lashes 2023 for When Eyelash Glue Is Just Too Much Effort

By Gabi Thorne and Angela Trakoshis

If you're looking for a way to thicken and lengthen the appearance of your natural eyelashes, and mascara isn't getting the job done, false lashes are an excellent way to get the upgrade you're seeking. There are a variety of falsies on the market, so you can give those natural hairs a little boost or go for the kind of lashes that will make it look like you'll fly away if you flutter fast enough. Applying traditional falsies with lash glue isn't the easiest feat, however. Luckily, magnetic lashes also exist.

Like traditional falsies, applying magnetic lashes involves a lash strip and an adhesive. But the major difference between the two is that the magnetic lashes and adhesive contain magnets so that the two can attach to each other. In fact, the adhesive is not an adhesive at all, in the traditional sense, as it's not the sticky, tacky substance you may be used to with glue. Many brands have created magnetic liquid eyeliner hybrids so you can create a sharp cat eye and apply the lash. The two-in-one formulas function just like eyeliner, so you can even use it without the lashes if you wanted to.

To find the best of the best, a handful of Allure editors tried a whole bunch of magnetic lashes. These nine were our favorites.

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The individual pieces of Ardell's Magnetic Lash Accent #001 look different than the rest on the list because, instead of sticking to a liner, they magnetize to each other. Just lay the upper lash on your lid and the lower underneath your lash, allowing the magnets to meet and create a fluttery lash that's reusable UP TO TK TIMES.

Glamnetic is the brand for magnetic lashes, which are the only kind of lashes it offers. In addition to the over 70 styles, the brand also sells colorful magnetic liners to switch up from the usual jet black. We awarded the XOXO a Best of Beauty Award for adding natural volume without the hassle of waiting for glue to try.

Allure commerce editor Sarah Han is a big fan of the lash style even as a falsies amateur. "I only recently started to wear falsies, so Glamnetic's round, fluttery XOXO lashes have the perfect length and density for a newbie like me," she says.

For more dramatic lashes that will make their own entrance in any room you walk into, you're going to want to try Ace Beauté's Hera Magnetic Lash. It starts off with little hairs in the inner corner but flares out toward the outer ends with much longer and thicker hairs that create almost a cat-eye effect. The provided magnetic liner arrives in a small tube with a thin felt tip that's not the most flexible, so if you're not used to applying eyeliner, don't rush. The brand recommends using two coats of its magnetic liner and letting it dry before applying.

If you want a lash that's more exciting but not too out there, then the MoxieLash Worthy Magnetic Lash is for you. It's a cat-eye mink lash that's nice and wispy, so it will make a difference without looking too overwhelming. It's the kind of lash that can be worn with little-to-no makeup or a full glam face. To apply, the brand recommends letting its liner fully dry for about three minutes before attaching the lash. Once it's dry, just add it to your eye, and voila, you're all done.

Velour's Luxe Faux Mink Magnetic Lash Kit is all about enhancing that natural lash with a little extra oomph. This probably isn't the lash you're going to grab when you're going for a dramatic makeup look, but it can provide a little drama on those no-makeup days. The wispy lash is full of thin hairs that start off small at the inner corner and get much longer toward the ends. It will add thickness and volume whenever you need it. To apply, all you need to do is add a coat of the accompanying Lash & Go Eyeliner, which has a flexible felt tip applicator, let it dry, and attach the lash.

Eylure's ProMagnetic Faux Mink Accent Lash System gives you a your-lashes-but-better look. The hairs are mostly the same length, with the fibers in the inner corner looking slightly shorter than the rest. The brand recommends applying three coats of its magnetic adhesive and letting each layer dry before applying the next for the best application.

Allure's senior social media manager Rachael Edwards was shocked at how easy they were to apply and how she didn't need to cut or adjust them as she does with other lashes. She was also impressed with how they accentuated her eye and fit in with her natural makeup look. "Usually, with regular lash glue, I have an issue with the lash staying in place, but since these lashes are magnetic, I actually saved some time in my beauty routine," she shares. "I wore them for a few meetings and a lunch, and they stayed in place wonderfully without me trying to fix or reapply."

There's no sticky or lumpy lash glue here — these magnetically charged falsies adhere to the accompanying magnetic liquid eyeliner and, amazingly, they stay in place all day. The lashes have just enough oomph to make your own look believably fuller, and the liner is sleek with a soft, pretty sheen.

Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit in Entice has both the magnetic liner and wispy lash you need to enhance your own lashes. The faux mink style has hairs that are around the same size throughout the band to volumize and thicken. The magnetic eyeliner has a thin felt tip to easily create a sharp wing or to tightline your lash line while also making sure that your lashes will stay affixed throughout the day. Before adding the lash, make sure the liner is dried for the best application.

By Angela Trakoshis

By Marci Robin

By Sarah Han

Lilly Lashes Magnetic Lash in Mykonos are thick and full. The fluttery lash is packed with faux mink fibers in various sizes that flare out into a rounded shape. If you're looking for falsies that create a striking difference compared to your usual lash look, this is the one for you. The dense eyelashes can also be reused up to 50 times if you care for them properly.

By Marci Robin

By Tynan Sinks

By Nicola Dall'Asen

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