May 10, 2023

I tried B&M’s new make

Reporter Lucy Marshall spent £36.50 and bought brushes, beauty blenders, foundation, eyeshadows, a contour kit, mascara, a brow set, lip balm/brow gel, and two lipsticks

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Keeping up with the latest makeup trends can be a difficult task. Every day you click on social media there is a new tutorial, viral item to try, or dupes going wild.

Being a makeup-wearer can be a costly task but B&M have launched some affordable beauty products said to rival some of the most popular premium brands. That's right, a lot of people don't realise that the bargain store sells make-up which is fantastic quality and for a fraction of the cost.

Customers can reportedly expect to save up to £142.75 with the dupes. TikTok users have been raving about the W7 foundation sold in store which is said to be "exactly like Estée." I decided to see whether B&M's makeup lived up to the standards of brands such as Estee Lauder, Benefit, and Huda Beauty.

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I visited B&M in Armley Road, Armley, Leeds, and headed to the makeup aisle which was filled with products. In total I spent £36.50 and bought brushes, beauty blenders, foundation, eyeshadows, a contour kit, mascara, a brow set, lip balm/brow gel, and two lipsticks. I also noticed there were Max Factor and Rimmel products on offer too.

I was in need of some new brushes and decided to try the B&M makeup applicators alongside the products. The brushes were soft and a great deal and the set would also make a great gift.

I also picked up a medium sized sponge for applying products like liquid highlighters, and contour. The beauty blenders are just £1 each.

Rating - 10/10

Any eczema sufferers like myself will know finding a good lip balm or treatment that actually works can be hard. I had seen Pure Paw Paw - a lip and skin ointment brand - been spoken about widely on social media and has raked in great reviews. I gelled my eyebrows with the product as well as using it on my lips. It is a long term fix? No, but it definitely left my lips feeling smooth and moisturised before applying my makeup. I wasn't wowed but I would buy it again if I was in a B&M store.

Rating 7/10

This foundation is a dupe of the cult favourite designer foundation from Estee Lauder. It has gained a dedicated fanbase for its lightweight texture and full coverage that lasts pretty much all day. However, the £37.50 price tag is a hefty weight on the purse strings.

The W7 website describes it as a full coverage foundation that will provide an all-day wear without feeling too heavy on the skin. Easily applied with a beauty blender or brush, the W7 Foundation promises that your makeup won't need frequent retouches during the day.

To make it even more appealing, the Legend Lasting Wear Foundation will set you back just £2.99, compared to Estée Lauder's Double Wear that is priced at £37.50 fromBoots. It means that shoppers could snap up a similar long-lasting foundation for £34.51 cheaper.

I like a more dewy makeup look so for me this foundation was perfect. It has light to medium coverage and I felt my skin still had a natural glow to it. With a lighter coverage I would say it is more suitable for a daytime makeup look. One thing that was a struggle was the shading options. There were only four choices and they were all catered to fairer skin. So a bigger range of colours for everyone would be much better.

Would I buy this again? Definitely.

Rating 8/10

I was really impressed with this kit. There were three different light cream colours, as well as three bronzed colours. With one dab of my new brush onto the palette, loads of product was lifted - a rarity for cheaper brands.

The darker products enabled my neck and cheek bones to look defined - just how I like it - while the lighter shades lifted my makeup. The palette also had a small mirror inside. I think it is a perfect makeup product for travelling too - it would easily fit in a small bag.

Rating - 10/10

I also picked up a soft eyeshadow set - including a cream, grey, brown, and pink colours. While the palette did add a little pop to my eyes it was not overly pigmented. It kind of reminded me of a children's eyeshadow you would find in a magazine. I wasn't overly impressed with this product.

Rating - 4/10

The eyebrow set came with three different shades suitable for all skin tones and hair colours. I used the light brown and was impressed with how it sculpted my brows. I would buy this again. The application brush is quite small but perfect for on the go.

Rating - 9/10

These lipsticks are a dupe of the Huda Beauty matte lipsticks which set back makeup lovers a whopping £19.20 per one. B&M have almost identical lipsticks on sale for £2.49.

I am a pink and red lipstick kind of girl - none of those boring nudes that everyone wears - so opted for 'House Red' and 'Heartache'. With the first touch of the pink lipstick on my lips, the colour was immediately bright and covered well. Sometimes you have to go around and around your lips with lip products to see an affect but with a swipe on the top and the bottom, and two neat swipes in the cupid's bow, I immediately felt glamorous.

Rating - 10/10

I have used the banana powder before and always find the coverage is great, and you also get a lot of product in the pot. While the shade is perfect for me, again, I would say there needs to be more options for people with different skin tones as this would only work for a small group of people.

Rating 7/10

This product gave me a nice lift to my eyelashes and great for those looking for length opposite to thickness. I would say the 'falsh lash effect' promise on the packaging is a little misleading. I think this is the perfect mascara for your bottom lashes but didn't give my top lashes the boost I expected.

I would buy this product again but for bottom lashes only.

Rating 6/10

I have to be honest I don't really know if I believe if the whole setting spray obsession really works. I am yet to see a difference between my makeup lasting with or without, and I have tried some of the more premium brands famous for their version, including Mac and Urban Decay.

The W7's setting spray felt light on my skin and also have a lovely, light, and floral scent to it. Can I use it as perfume too?

I would buy the setting spray again as it did give my makeup a finishing glow which I really liked.

Rating 7/10

I think the B&M products are really good quality for the price. The brushes, beauty blenders, contour kit and lipsticks, were just as good and offered full coverage on my face like designer and premium brands do. I would race back for some of the products - and I may have to as the stock is limited - run, don't walk.

Some of the range does look a little cheaper and the colour range really needs developing for everyone. I would also say I think they are missing a concealer - which many people use.

With the rising cost of living crisis it is hard forking out money on expenses like makeup, so I think B&M offer a great range for anyone wanting to grab products without spending a fortune.

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