Mar 25, 2023

The eyelash growth serum that really works: RapidLash review

Tested for: 5 years

Our rating: 5/5

🛍️ Reasons to buy: It really, really works

Reasons to avoid: Results aren't instant, so you need to have patience; it increased my lash length, not thickness; if you stop using it, your lashes will go back to normal

💰 Best deal we’ve found: You can get £8 off the serum at LookFantastic, as well as find similar deals at Sephora UK and Amazon

When it comes to make-up, I’m all about lashes and lippy.

While my lips are OK, I’m not blessed on the eyelash front. Mine are a bit ‘meh’ – even with the best lengthening mascara on. However that all changed when I discovered RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, £40.

Enriched with Hexatein 1 Complex (which is a unique blend of six high-performance ingredients: peptides, biotin, amino acids, panthenol, soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract), it's a nourishing formula that protects the lashes, stops excess shedding and helps growth.

Think of it as a really good hair mask, but for your lashes. It helps to deliver essential proteins, vitamins, and moisture, giving your lashes the TLC they wouldn't get otherwise.

I became hooked on it around five years ago, after finding out it was the secret to a colleague's stupendously long lashes.

Cynic that I am, I assumed I’d end up hurling it in the bin after a fruitless month or so of hoping it'd give me the kind of flirty flutter I’d always dreamed of.

But, to my utter surprise, after around four-to-six weeks I realised my lashes had grown. A lot. And after couple of months, they were supersized.

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Needless to say, RapidLash became my favourite ever beauty product from that moment. After all, it only took a mere five seconds to apply a thin line to the roots of my eyelashes every night before bed. Minimum effort for maximum results? Yes please.

Another bonus? One tube now lasts me around nine months. My lashes have grown so long now, I only need to apply it twice a week as a ‘maintenance dose’.

It's worth noting I still wear mascara, because I just love the extra drama it gives (I swear by Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara Cosmic Black, £11.99).

It isn't an instant fix. You do need to use it every night at first, and it'll take a good six weeks before you start seeing major results.

If you stop using it you can wave goodbye to your lush lengths. Yep, this product is for life.

And, although my eyelashes are longer than I’d ever dreamed of, they’re still not thick. It's not a big deal though, as the length is dramatic enough that it more than makes up for it.

I'd usually buy it from Boots so I could clock up Advantage Card Points, but we've uncovered some cheaper deals.

You can currently get £8 off the eyelash serum at LookFantastic, taking the price down to £31.99.

At Sephora (which you can now shop online in the UK), it's a similar deal, down to £31.89. It's also the same price at Amazon, where you can get next day delivery if you're a Amazon Prime member.

At Beauty Bay, it has 15% off down to £33.75. And while it's still full price at Boots, you do get the bonus of Advantage Card points. Plus, it's currently included a deal where if you buy one product, you can get another selected product half price.

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